IMT Dubai was delighted to welcome Dr. Sanjeev Dixit, General Manager-The Himalaya Drug Company

Have you ever thought, why we do what we do? The students were left awestruck by Dr. Sanjeev Dixit, General Manger-The Himalaya Drug Company as he made every student self-reflect about the things we do in our daily life. Dr. Dixit made everyone ponder upon why we do an activity and what leads to the thought process behind it. These were some basic but mind boggling questions posed by him. Our belief is driven by our values, which drives the thinking process and the actions. As published in his paper, he introduced everyone to the formula for enhancing their Personal/Professional value. IMT would like to thank Dr. Sanjeev for taking out his valuable time to instill these iconic lessons in students. It will surely help the students in optimizing their future decisions and values.


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